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Ethnic Fairy Tales

   • Throughout the world, and across all cultures, fairy tales and tall tales have always been created in the imagination of men. From the east to the west, here we present many of those.

» Celtic Fairy Tales - A collection of Celtic folk-lore and tall tales, sometimes romantic, sometimes comical, but always rich in imagination.

» Dutch Fairy Tales - Wonderful stories of elves, fairies, princesses and goblins, this is a delightful collection of fairy stories and tall tales.

» English Fairy Tales - Who says that English folk have no fairy-tales of their own? This volume contains only a selection. It is probable that many more exist.

» More English Fairy Tales - More of the traditional folk-tales, tall tales, and fairy tales of England, retaining the archaisms and the old-world formula which go so well with the stories.

» Indian Fairy Tales - Soils and national characters may differ, but In the Land of India, the belief in fairies, gnomes, ogres and monsters still flourishes in all vigour.

» Irish Fairy Tales - The Irish have always had their own versions of fairy stories, tall tales, myths and legends. Here are a few of those.

» Japanese Fairy Tales - Beautiful legends and fairy tales of Japan, still unknown to the vast majority, written for the children of the West.

» Welsh Fairy Tales - I have heard of no evil fairies in Wales; all the mischief seems to be the work of witches. We should not forget our debt to Wales for those stories from the world of imagination.

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