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Welsh Fairy Tales

I HAVE HEARD of no evil fairies in Wales; all the mischief seems to be the work of witches. We should not forget our debt to Wales for those stories from the world of imagination.

» The Fairies Of Caragonan
» The Craig-Y-Don Blacksmith
» Old Gwilym
» The Baby-Farmer
» The Old Man And The Fairies
» Tommy Pritchard
» Kaddy's Luck
» The Story Of Gelert
» Origin Of The Welsh
» Crows
» Robert Roberts And The Fairies
» The Fairy Of The Dell
» Ellen's Luck
» The Fairies' Mint
» The Pellings
» The Long-Lived Ancestors
» The Giantess's Apron-Full
» Gwrgan Farfdrwch's Fable
» Welsh Rabbit And Hunted Hares
» The Mighty Monster Afang
» The Two Cat Witches
» How The Cymry Land Became Inhabited
» The Boy That Was Named Trouble
» The Golden Harp
» The Great Red Dragon Of Wales
» The Touch Of Clay
» The Touch Of Iron
» The Maiden Of The Green Forest
» The Treasure Stone Of The Fairies
» Giant Tom And Giant Blubb
» A Boy That Visited Fairyland
» The Welshery And The Normans
» The Welsh Fairies Hold A Meeting
» King Arthur's Cave
» The Lady Of The Lake
» The King's Foot Holder
» Powell, Prince Of Dyfed
» Powell And His Bride
» Why The Back Door Was Front
» The Red Bandits Of Montgomery
» The Fairy Congress
» The Sword Of Avalon

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