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   • Myths, heroes, legends, folk tales, and other famous stories that grow bigger and better with the passing of time. These are stories that never die.

» Folk Tales Every Child Should Know - Little inventions of fancy that became longer and larger as they passed from one story-teller to another and were retold generation after generation.

» Legends That Every Child Should Know - Legends that have been passed down by word of mouth and were not reduced to writing until known for centuries by great numbers of people.

» Myths That Every Child Should Know - Among every people and in every language there are found stories, superstitions, and traditions, phrases, which are not to be explained by any thoughts, ideas or beliefs. Here are just a few of those.

» Famous Stories Every Child Should Know - The stories which make up this volume are closer to experience and come, for the most part, nearer to the every-day happenings of life.

» Heroes Every Child Should Know - Tales for young people of the world's heroes in all ages. An endeavour to bring together the heroic men of different races, periods and types.

» Stories To Tell To Children - With these stories, you will never lack the right story at the right time, or a child to love you for telling it!

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