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Folk Tales Every Child Should Know

LITTLE INVENTIONS OF fancy that became longer and larger as they passed from one story-teller to another and were retold generation after generation.

» Introduction
» Hans In Luck
» Why The Sea Is Salt
» The Lad Who Went To The North Wind
» The Lad And The Deil
» Ananzi And The Lion
» The Grateful Foxes
» The Badger's Money
» Why Brother Bear Has No Tail
» The Origin Of Rubies
» Long, Broad, And Sharpsight
» Intelligence And Luck
» George With The Goat
» The Wonderful Hair
» The Dragon And The Prince
» The Good Children
» The Dun Horse
» The Greedy Youngster
» Hans, Who Made The Princess Laugh
» The Story Of Tom Tit Tot
» The Peasant Story Of Napoleon

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