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Celtic Fairy Tales

A COLLECTION OF Celtic folk-lore and tall tales, sometimes romantic, sometimes comical, but always rich in imagination.

» Connla And The Fairy Maiden
» Guleesh
» The Field Of Boliauns
» The Horned Women
» Conall Yellowclaw
» Hudden And Dudden And Donald O'neary
» The Shepherd Of Myddvai
» The Sprightly Tailor
» The Story Of Deirdre
» Munachar And Manachar
» Gold-Tree And Silver-Tree
» King O'toole And His Goose
» The Wooing Of Olwen
» Jack And His Comrades
» The Shee An Gannon And The Gruagach Gaire
» The Story-Teller At Fault
» The Sea-Maiden
» A Legend Of Knockmany
» Fair, Brown, And Trembling
» Jack And His Master
» Beth Gellert
» The Tale Of Ivan
» Andrew Coffey
» The Battle Of The Birds
» Brewery Of Eggshells
» The Lad With The Goat-Skin

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