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Japanese Fairy Tales

BEAUTIFUL LEGENDS AND fairy tales of Japan, still unknown to the vast majority, written for the children of the West.

» My Lord Bag Of Rice
» The Tongue-Cut Sparrow
» The Story Of Urashima Taro, The Fisher Lad
» The Farmer And The Badger
» The Shinansha, Or The South Pointing Carriage
» The Adventures Of Kintaro, The Golden Boy
» The Story Of Princess Hase
» The Story Of The Man Who Did Not Wish To Die
» The Bamboo-Cutter And The Moon-Child
» The Mirror Of Matsuyama
» The Goblin Of Adachigahara
» The Sagacious Monkey And The Boar
» The Happy Hunter And The Skillful Fisher
» The Story Of The Old Man Who Made Withered Trees To Flower
» The Jelly Fish And The Monkey
» The Quarrel Of The Monkey And The Crab
» The White Hare And The Crocodiles
» The Story Of Prince Yamato Take
» Momotaro, Or The Story Of The Son Of A Peach
» The Ogre Of Rashomon
» How An Old Man Lost His Wen
» The Stones Of Five Colors And The Empress Jokwa

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