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Dutch Fairy Tales

WONDERFUL STORIES OF elves, fairies, princesses and goblins, this is a delightful collection of fairy stories and tall tales.

» The Entangled Mermaid
» The Boy Who Wanted More Cheese
» The Princess With Twenty Petticoats
» The Cat And The Cradle
» Prince Spin Head And Miss Snow White
» The Boar With The Golden Bristles
» The Ice King And His Wonderful Grandchild
» The Elves And Their Antics
» The Kabouters And The Bells
» The Woman With Three Hundred And Sixty-Six Children
» The Oni On His Travels
» The Legend Of The Wooden Shoe
» The Curly-Tailed Lion
» Brabo And The Giant
» The Farm That Ran Away And Came Back
» Santa Klaas And Black Pete
» The Goblins Turned To Stone
» The Mouldy Penny
» The Golden Helmet
» When Wheat Worked Woe
» Why The Stork Loves Holland

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