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Parables of the Saviour

 The Rich Fool 

Now therefore take thine ease, and fill thy thoughts with earthly hope.

There was a certain man who had
A very large, rich ground,
Which, when the harvest time came on,
With plenty did abound.

His barns were small, and they were fill'd;
He said, "What shall I do?"
He thought within himself and said,
"I know what I will do,

"I will tear down these little barns,
And build them larger still,
And with the fruit my ground doth yield,
Abundantly I'll fill.

"And I will then say to my soul,
'Thou hast much goods laid up;
Now therefore take thine ease, and fill
Thy thoughts with earthly hope."

But God said unto him, "Thou fool!
I will require of thee
This very night thy soul; then say
"Whose shall this plenty be?"

The fool is he who layeth up
For himself treasure here,
And calleth earthly pleasure, gain,
And earthly riches, dear.

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