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Parables of the Saviour

 The Good Samaritan 

There soon, however, came along a good Samaritan.

A certain lawyer came to Christ,
With mind and words of strife,
And said, "Master, what shall I do,
To have eternal life?"

The Saviour said, "'Tis written in
The Sacred Law at length,
That thou shalt love the Lord thy God,
With heart and mind and strength;

"And thou shalt love thy neighbour too;"
He still with Jesus strove;
"But tell me who my neighbour is,
That I may show him love."

The Saviour said, A certain man,
Would come to Jericho;
He started from Jerusalem,
And on his way did go,

Until there came some thieves, and stripp'd
And wounded him and fled,
And took with them the traveller's clothes,
And left him there half dead.

It was not long before a priest
Did happen down that way,
He look'd, pass'd on, and not a word
Unto the man did say.

After the priest had gone, there came
A Levite passing down,
He also look'd, and pass'd along,
And went into the town.

There soon, however, came along
A good Samaritan,
His heart was with compassion fill'd;
He went up to the man,

And found him wounded, bruised and sore,
And pour'd in oil and wine,
He placed him safe on his own beast,
And brought him to the inn.

For one night he took care of him,
And when about to leave
The inn, he said unto the host,
"You shall from me receive

All that is needful for your pains,
If you of him take care;
I will repay you all the cost;
Let him your kindness share."

The Saviour asked him, "Which of these
Was neighbour to the man
Who fell among the thieves?" He said
"The good Samaritan."

The Saviour said, "Go do likewise,
The suffering ones relieve,
Go show them love, and you indeed,
Eternal life shall have."

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