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Parables of the Saviour

 The Ten Virgins 

The Ten Virgins.

My kingdom I will liken to
Ten virgins, who to meet
The bridegroom, with their lamps went forth,
With welcome him to greet.

Now five of them were counted wise,
For they provision made,
To fill and trim their lamps by night;
The others no oil had.

The bridegroom tarried very long;
This they did not expect,
Their eyes with watch had heavy grown,
They laid them down and slept.

At midnight a loud cry was heard,
"The bridegroom cometh; go
Ye out to meet him with your lamps,
And to him honour show."

The virgins rose to trim their lamps;
The wise ones took their light,
The foolish ones who had no oil
Were found in gloomy night.

They said unto the virgins wise,
"Of your oil, give us some;"
They answered, "We have but enough;
But to the city come,

"And buy of oil, and trim your lamps;"
So while they went to buy,
A voice was heard which said aloud,
"The bridegroom draweth nigh."

Those virgins wise who trimm'd their lamps,
Went forth to meet the guest,
And hail'd him with delight, and went
With him into the feast.

The foolish virgins came and knock'd,
Admittance to obtain;
The bridegroom answer'd them, and said.
"Ye cannot entrance gain.

"I know you not, then hence depart,
Your coming is too late,
Those only with me enter in,
Who for my coming wait."

The coming of the Son of Man,
Is like a thief at night,
Let us be watchful, that we may
Be children of the light.

That when He coineth, we may have
Abundant entrance given,
Into the glorious, happy feast,
The feast of love in Heaven.

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