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Parables of the Saviour

 The Saviour's Words 

Jesus raised the dead, and healed the blind and the sick.

How simple were the Saviour's words,
How great the truths He taught;
How much He suffer'd here below,
What rich salvation brought!

O! let us hear His gracious word,
His Heavenly law obey,
That we may rise and reign with Him,
In an eternal day.

The pleasures of the world are vain,
And swiftly pass away;
And those who trust in them, in death
Can have no cheering ray,

Of hope or faith, to brighten up
The path of gloom and dread,
But they with fear, must enter in
The regions of the dead.

Now in the youthful time of life,
Lean on the Saviour's word,
And think how happy it will be
To love and fear the Lord.

Then when your days on earth are past,
You'll be forever blest;
Your joys will then eternal flow
From Jesus' loving breast.

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