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Our Saviour

 Jesus Is Crucified 

Jesus is crucified.
PILATE, WHEN HE had heard of what the people accused Jesus, knew that it was for envy they were excited against Him, and washed his hands before the multitude, saying he found no fault in Him, and he would have nothing to do with shedding the blood of an innocent man.
      "His blood be on us and our children" cried the people and they roughly dragged Him away, and beat Him.
      They made Him carry a heavy cross of wood up Mount Calvary where they crucified Him, by nailing Him to the cross.
      Now Mary the Mother of Jesus, and another woman, also named Mary, and many of the disciples had followed in the crowd; they could not save our Lord from His cruel death, but when He was dead, they, together with a good man called Joseph, were allowed to take His body down from the cross.
      They lay it in a tomb belonging to Joseph, hewn out of a rock in a garden, and they set a great stone upon it.
      It had been foretold that Jesus should rise again on the third day, so, fearing that His disciples should steal away the body, and pretend that He had risen, the Chief Priests set keepers to guard the tomb.

      THE END.

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