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Our Saviour

 Jesus Calls His Disciples 

Jesus heals the sick.
FROM THAT TIME, Jesus being then about thirty years of age, He began to preach, and exhort to repentance as John had done before Him.
      One day as He walked beside the sea of Galilee He saw two brothers named Simon-Peter and Andrew, fishing by the shore. These men He called to Him and bade them follow Him for He would make them fishers of men, and they immediately left their nets and followed Him.
      Presently, as they walked along the shore, they saw two other fishermen brothers - James and John, the sons of Zebedee, in a boat with their father, mending the great, brown nets with which they caught fish on the Syrian coasts, and called them also, and they too left their nets and their father and followed Him.
      They were the first four of the twelve disciples whom Jesus by degrees gathered about Him, and who were His companions and assistants in His future work.
      With His disciples Christ travelled over the whole land of Syria, now called the Holy Land, teaching in the churches and preaching about the Kingdom of His Father, and healing all manner of diseases and sicknesses amongst the people, until the fame of His sayings and doings spread every where, and the sick and suffering and diseased were brought to Him from all quarters that He might heal them.
      This He never refused to do, for His heart was so overflowing with divine love and pity for mankind that He could not see suffering or misery without healing it.

      THE END.

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