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Our Saviour

 Jesus At Jacob's Well 

Jesus meets the woman at the well.
FEELING THAT HE must go through Samaria, where He had not yet preached, our Saviour travelled on alone and came to a well which is called Jacob's well.
      Being very weary He seated Himself on the edge to rest. He was very thirsty also, and on a woman coming up with a pitcher, He asked her to draw Him some water.
      When He had drunk, He said that if she knew who He was she would have asked Him for water instead, for He could give her the Living Water of Everlasting Life.
      Then He told her who He was, and she went away to the city telling every one she met Whom she had seen.
      Some of the disciples then joined Him, and Jesus remained two days in the city preaching so that many believed in Him, and on the way back into Galilee He healed a nobleman's son of a mortal sickness.

      THE END.

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