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Our Saviour

 By The Sea Of Galillee 

By The Sea Of Galillee.
NOW AND THEN, by twos and threes, some of the disciples came back to Jesus to report to Him what they had done and how they had been received, and how the fame of His Name and teaching was spreading far and wide.
      So it happened that He was seldom without one or two of these loved and trusted followers about Him as He journeyed, sometimes stopping a few days in one place, sometimes crossing the inland sea of Galilee, or going from city to city along the coast in a boat or ship.
      Ye was always doing good wherever He went, preaching the Gospel of his Father, and winning men, women, and children to follow Him.
      Our Saviour had no comfortable home such as you have; often and often He had nowhere to lay His head at night, but weary and hungry after a long day's ministry, He would stretch Himself on the ground wherever He might be at the time, and sleep with the grass for His bed, and the starry sky for His curtains.

      THE END.

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