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Legends That Every Child Should Know

 Chevy Chase 
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      Of fifteen hundred Englishmen
      Went home but fifty-three;
      The rest in Chevy Chase were slain,
      Under the greenwood tree.
      Next day did many widows come
      Their husbands to bewail;
      They washed their wounds in brinish sears.
      But all would not prevail.
      Their bodies, bathed in purple blood,
      They bore with them away;
      They kissed them dead a thousand times
      Ere they were clad in clay.
      The news was brought to Edinburgh,
      Where Scotland's king did reign,
      That brave Earl Douglas suddenly
      Was with an arrow slain.
      "O heavy news!" King James can say,
      "Scotland may witness be
      I have not any captain more
      Of such account as he."
      Like tidings to King Henry came
      Within as short a space,
      That Percy of Northumberland
      Was slain at Chevy Chase.
      "Now God be with him!" said our king,
      "Since it will no better be;
      I trust I have within my realm
      Five hundred as good as he."
      "Yet shall not Scots nor Scotland say
      But I will vengeance take,
      And be revenged on them all
      For brave Earl Percy's sake."
      This vow the king did well perform
      After on Humble-down;
      In one day fifty knights were slain
      With lords of great renown.
      And of the rest, of small account,
      Did many hundreds die:
      Thus endeth the hunting in Chevy Chase
      Made by the Earl Percy.
      God save our king, and bless this land
      With plenty, joy, and peace,
      And grant henceforth that foul debate
      Twixt noble men may cease!

      THE END.

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