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Andersen's Fairy Tales

 The Swineherd 
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HOWEVER, HE WAS not to be discouraged; he daubed his face over brown and black; pulled his cap over his ears, and knocked at the door.
      "Good day to my lord, the Emperor!" said he. "Can I have employment at the palace?"
      "Why, yes," said the Emperor. "I want some one to take care of the pigs, for we have a great many of them."
      So the Prince was appointed "Imperial Swineherd." He had a dirty little room close by the pigsty; and there he sat the whole day, and worked. By the evening he had made a pretty little kitchen-pot. Little bells were hung all round it; and when the pot was boiling, these bells tinkled in the most charming manner, and played the old melody,
      "Ach! du lieber Augustin,
      Alles ist weg, weg, weg!"

      "Ah! dear Augustine!
      All is gone, gone, gone!"

      But what was still more curious, whoever held his finger in the smoke of the kitchen-pot, immediately smelt all the dishes that were cooking on every hearth in the city--this, you see, was something quite different from the rose.
      Now the Princess happened to walk that way; and when she heard the tune, she stood quite still, and seemed pleased; for she could play "Lieber Augustine"; it was the only piece she knew; and she played it with one finger.
      "Why there is my piece," said the Princess. "That swineherd must certainly have been well educated! Go in and ask him the price of the instrument."
      So one of the court-ladies must run in; however, she drew on wooden slippers first.
      "What will you take for the kitchen-pot?" said the lady.
      "I will have ten kisses from the Princess," said the swineherd.
      "Yes, indeed!" said the lady.
      "I cannot sell it for less," rejoined the swineherd.
      "He is an impudent fellow!" said the Princess, and she walked on; but when she had gone a little way, the bells tinkled so prettily
      "Ach! du lieber Augustin,
      Alles ist weg, weg, weg!"

      "Stay," said the Princess. "Ask him if he will have ten kisses from the ladies of my court."
      "No, thank you!" said the swineherd. "Ten kisses from the Princess, or I keep the kitchen-pot myself."
      "That must not be, either!" said the Princess. "But do you all stand before me that no one may see us."
      And the court-ladies placed themselves in front of her, and spread out their dresses--the swineherd got ten kisses, and the Princess--the kitchen-pot.
      That was delightful! The pot was boiling the whole evening, and the whole of the following day. They knew perfectly well what was cooking at every fire throughout the city, from the chamberlain's to the cobbler's; the court-ladies danced and clapped their hands.

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