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English Fairy Tales

 Cap O' Rushes 
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THE MASTER'S SON he tried every way to find out where the lady was gone, but go where he might, and ask whom he might, he never heard anything about her. And he got worse and worse for the love of her till he had to keep his bed.
      "Make some gruel for the young master," they said to the cook. "He's dying for the love of the lady." The cook she set about making it when Cap o' Rushes came in.
      "What are you a-doing of?", says she.
      "I'm going to make some gruel for the young master," says the cook, "for he's dying for love of the lady."
      "Let me make it," says Cap o' Rushes.
      Well, the cook wouldn't at first, but at last she said yes, and Cap o' Rushes made the gruel. And when she had made it she slipped the ring into it on the sly before the cook took it upstairs.
      The young man he drank it and then he saw the ring at the bottom.
      "Send for the cook," says he.
      So up she comes.
      "Who made this gruel here?" says he.
      "I did," says the cook, for she was frightened.
      And he looked at her,
      "No, you didn't," says he. "Say who did it, and you shan't be harmed."
      "Well, then, 'twas Cap o' Rushes," says she.
      "Send Cap o' Rushes here," says he.
      So Cap o' Rushes came.
      "Did you make my gruel?" says he.
      "Yes, I did," says she.
      "Where did you get this ring?" says he.
      "From him that gave it me," says she.
      "Who are you, then?" says the young man.
      "I'll show you," says she. And she offed with her cap o' rushes, and there she was in her beautiful clothes.
      Well, the master's son he got well very soon, and they were to be married in a little time. It was to be a very grand wedding, and every one was asked far and near. And Cap o' Rushes' father was asked. But she never told anybody who she was.
      But before the wedding she went to the cook, and says she:
      "I want you to dress every dish without a mite o' salt."
      "That'll be rare nasty," says the cook.
      "That doesn't signify," says she.
      "Very well," says the cook.
      Well, the wedding-day came, and they were married. And after they were married all the company sat down to the dinner. When they began to eat the meat, that was so tasteless they couldn't eat it. But Cap o' Rushes' father he tried first one dish and then another, and then he burst out crying.
      "What is the matter?" said the master's son to him.
      "Oh!" says he, "I had a daughter. And I asked her how much she loved me. And she said 'As much as fresh meat loves salt.' And I turned her from my door, for I thought she didn't love me. And now I see she loved me best of all. And she may be dead for aught I know."
      "No, father, here she is!" says Cap o' Rushes. And she goes up to him and puts her arms round him.
      And so they were happy ever after.

      THE END.

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