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 Jairus' Daughter 

JAIRUS WAS ONE of the rulers of the Jewish church, or synagogue, and he had a daughter who had been very ill and was now at the point of death. She was an only daughter, and was twelve years of age. So hearing that Jesus was near, he came to Him, and, falling down before Him, implored Jesus to come and see her.
      And Jesus arose, and followed him, and so did His disciples. Soon there came running to them a messenger from the ruler's house, who said to Jairus, "Thy daughter is already dead; do not trouble the master." But when Jesus heard it He turned to Jairus and said, "Fear not. Only believe, and she shall be restored to life."
      When they came to the ruler's house they saw the minstrels and many people who were making much noise and lamentation for the dead girl, as was the custom. Jesus said unto them, "Make way; weep not, for the maiden is not dead, but sleepeth;" but they laughed Him to scorn, knowing that she was dead.
      And He put them all out of the room, all but Peter and James and John, and the mother and father of the maiden. Then He took her by the hand, and called to her, saying, "Maid, arise." And her spirit came again, and she arose straightway; and He commanded her parents to give her food.
      Her parents were astonished when they saw their daughter raised to life and able to eat, but Jesus charged them that they should tell no man what He had done. But the fame of the miracle He had wrought went abroad unto all that land.

      THE END.

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